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Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Our youth go through a multitude of challenges as they transition from adoloscence to adulthood.  Many desire to be comforted and take refuge to find the love they missed growing up.  Some may even seek alternative connections through gang affiliations to further develop a sense of belonging.  Whatever the case, we address those concerns in a capacity that our young people can understand. 


Through Greater Love Tabernacle's powerful Warriors for Christ Youth Ministry, thousands of young people have been set free from bondage. Real life scenarios are addressed to bring relevance to a group most often neglected.  Whether through weekly peer leadership meetings, weekend bowling, outings at the amusement park or the annual Youth and Back2School Jam Conferences, we envelop every area to love our young people to life.


Are you aged 13 and above?  We'd love to meet you.  Join us for one of our group sessions.  All discussions are held in the utmost confidence as we look to better serve your needs. ​

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