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The Prison Prevention Ministry Program was created in 1994 in order to support members of the congregation with family or friends who were incarcerated.  Members of the clergy and volunteers provided one-on-one mentoring for youth and adult inmates.  As a natural outgrowth of their work, Greater Love Tabernacle Prison Prevention Ministry continued to counsel offenders upon their release, helping them cope with the many difficult aspects of successful reintegration into the community.  At present we have thousands of former offenders looking to transition and it is our endeavor to simplify the process. 


Under the leadership of Reverend Emanuel Hutcherson, the Future Hope Apprecticeship Program looks to assist with job opportunities in the construction trade, along with life-skills, education and job readiness training for a sustainable FUTURE.  The program is committed to providing professional guidance and supportive resources to underserved neighborhoods.  We aim to build community and family leaders by replacing fear and doubt with HOPE.


Please click here for information on how to join this life changing program.

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