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      Lady Luella Dickerson was born in Boston, Massachusetts and is the co-founder of Greater Love Tabernacle along with her husband Pastor William E. Dickerson II.  She is also the Vice President of Restoration Outreach, an organization designed to provide assistance to hurting men and women everywhere.   Through seminars, crusades, counseling and referrals, these focal groups have been able to reacclimatize themselves to lead healthy and productive lives. Some of the most life-changing experiences have even been received through The Restoration Women's Conference, which hosts an annual attendance of over 2,000 women. 


      Luella has an expansive background in cosmetology and a unique eye for all that relates to fashion.  Femininity is her chariot outweighed only by a passion to share it with others.  As current owner of an upscale woman’s clothing line, Luella's Fashions, she serves as the head consultant to an array of different clientele.  Whether in Boston, New York or Atlanta, women from across the globe seek out her services.  Consulting inquiries have also been sought out through her Marriage Enrichment Workshops, which are taught alongside her husband at their home church.


      Luella and her husband William have been married for 39-years and have three adult children, three grandsons and two precious granddaughters.  She is fine example of a mother, wife and role model. Exuding elegance; she is blessed, while embracing strength, character and integrity wherever she goes. 


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