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GLT Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry of Greater Love Tabernacle provides  for a stable environment wherein men can enjoy fellowship and free discussions about life's challenges.  Together men are encouraged to help to each other reach their fullest potential whether it is in spiritual matters, personal concerns , education or business. 


Although the group is comprised of men from different backgrounds, they are all encouraged to to treat each other with the same dignity and respect that they wish to receive in return. The men who are fully committed to the Vision of the church are called Men of Devotion and are under the leadership and tutelage of the Pastor and Overseer, William E. Dickerson, Jr


For men in transition we have an affiliate program called the Future Hope Apprenticeship Program under the leadership of Executive Director, Emanuel Hutcherson.  The curriculum is designed to teach men and women in the field of carpentry and construction.  Upon meeting the program's requirements, graduates receive a certificate of completion.  In addtion, all graduates receive their OSHA certificates, which enables them to go onto construction sites and become apprentices. 


There are various other GLT programs that men can participate in to include the following:

  • Security

  • Ushering

  • Boys II Men

  • Godfathers

  • Music Ministry

  • Evangelism

  • Who Are You Ministry and more.


Please reach out to us or stop by to visit one of our Sunday Morning Worship Experiences.  We'd love to connect!


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