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About GLT's Health and Wellness Ministry


Welcome to the Health and Wellness Ministry of Greater Love Tabernacle, in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. In keeping with the vision of our church and spiritual leader, Bishop William E. Dickerson, II, it is our mission to inform and educate members on health, wellness, and health disparities within the communities we serve.

Our purpose: 

  • To educate on disease prevention and health management

  • To educate on building healthy relationships

  • Using workshops to discuss health topics that affect men, women, children, and seniors in marginalized populations (i.e., Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon and Prostate Cancer Awareness Breakfast, Healthy cooking classes for youth/teens and adults, Senior wellness)

  • Promote the benefits of physical activity and healthy nutritional choices for ourselves and our families

  • Promote the importance of self-care and stress management

  • Promote a balanced approach to spiritual, emotional, and physical lifestyles

The Health Ministry collaborates with our internal ministry partners of Greater Love Tabernacle, as well as local community-based organizations and corporate partners within the educational and health sectors of Boston and surrounding towns and municipalities to provide comprehensive training, resources, and workshops to members of Greater Love Tabernacle and the communities at large. The goal of our Health Ministry is to empower impacted populations to approach a healthier lifestyle and attain optimal health benefits for a more effective, long, and balanced life!

History of GLT's Health & Wellness Ministry

The Greater Love Tabernacle Health & Wellness Ministry has been working in the communities of Boston for more than 15 years. Initially, programming involved creating health awareness announcements for the church’s bulletin which included tips on incorporating more daily activity, healthy recipes, and seasonal information. October 2022 marked our signature awareness campaign around breast cancer and disparities in treatment. Since our inception, we have expanded our scope of programming by developing relationships with local medical institutions, such as Mass General Brigham and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. We are one of 12 founding Faith-based organizations within the Dana-Farber Cancer Disparities Network. 

We have also partnered with education institutions, including UMass Boston, representing faith-based organizations on their community advisory board for the U54 Partnership. Because of such incredible partnerships, we have been able to expand our programming, allowing us to have more focus on issues such as men’s health including prostate cancer, seniors healthy aging, food insecurities, incorporating a more active lifestyle, programming on how to address mental health and well-being for all ages, and encouraging youth to explore careers in health and research. 

To learn more about upcoming Health and Wellness events and get involved, contact: Charlotte James at

Featured Partner

The Faith-Based Cancer Disparities Network

We have been a part of FBCDN since 2007 along with other churches and health partners. We learn about evidence-based practices for engaging our communities to improve health outcomes regarding cancer and other health-related issues including nutrition, exercise, and health disparities. 

We also participate in the Faces of Faith traveling portrait gallery which displays portraits of cancer survivors by sharing stories of survivorship to encourage the demystification of cancer; and supporting those who are living witnesses that one can maintain a vibrant life as a
cancer survivor.

Past Events organized by GLT's Health and Wellness Ministry

23_GLT Mens Health Panel.jpg
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23_GLT Mens Pre-Fathers Day Panel Breakfast.jpg

To learn more about upcoming Health and Wellness events, contact: Charlotte James at

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