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The Vision

Greater Love Tabernacle is a full Gospel church led by the Holy Spirit.  The vision of our church will have a global impact by reaching people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds.  We will spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the United States and abroad.  Our aim is to have a very powerful and effective teaching ministry whereby believers are challenged towards excellence.  The Lord will allow our ministry to reach souls through healing, deliverance and restoration.  Restoration through divine love shall be a critical component of our outreach due to the many wounded, backslidden and vacillating people.



Within the total scope of the vision we will have a full religious complex.  The main building will house a sanctuary, administrative offices, conference rooms, classrooms, computer center, bookstore, cafeteria and a multipurpose hall.  Further buildings will be acquired to house an educational center, a professional office building, transitional housing, senior citizen accomodations and moderate-income homes.  Independant Businesses will be formed in order to promote the reality of the Kingdom of God among us.  Moreover, other churches will be birthed out of GLT to replicate the vision in

other cities. 


The Vision of GLT encompasses the following:


Spiritual Training - Through the Word of God, Prayer and other Christian disciplines, believers will be trained to make a spiritual impact upon our society.  Spiritual sons and daughters will be equipped and empowered to establish affiliate churches and ministries throughout the land.  We plan to be an important part of the revival, which is coming to revisit New England.


Economic Development - Businesses and partnerships will be formed to help stabilize the economy within our communities.  New entrepreneurs will be trained and assisted to start business ventures.  A Community Development Corporation will be formed to focus on purchasing properties for sale and rent.  Through our CDC, people will be empowered to control their financial destiny.  We will increase home ownership among our congregation.  Our constituents will continue to be taught the importance of being producers and not just consumers.


General Education - Our aim as a church will continue to focus on eradicating illiteracy within our congregation and beyond.  Through our training center, youth and adults will learn the necessary skills to advance in life. Tutoring will be provided for all ages.  We will work with at-risk youth and troubled adults to help them be reoriented back into the main stream of our society.


Health Education - We will continue to have a health education clearinghouse in order to inform and educate people on various health issues. The Healthy Family Network will be a catalyst to bring agencies together to promote holistic development.  The network will train leaders and bring people together.  The Family Conference will continue to be an annual event, which will highlight the work of the network.  We will teach classes on health and nutrition.  In addition, we will have an exercise room for aerobic workouts and fitness training.


Social Action - We believe the social Gospel has a critical role to play within the lives of urban dwellers.  As a result, our church will continue to inspire others to become more involved with the plight of homelessness, unemployment, social injustices, homicides and a disparity of social ills affecting our community.  By collaborating  on certain agendas, Christians can become closer to one another and thereby make a tangible impact upon our society.   Jesus is not just concerned about our spirits, but he wants us to be completely whole.

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